Can you believe it? It’s the start of a new year already. For many, this is an excellent time to make a new beginning and take the opportunity to implement positive changes in their lifestyle. However, some core activities may have to be adjusted or changed entirely to give us the energy and time to focus on new goals and pursuits.

Over the past year, I’ve implemented a few changes into my routine. Hopefully, my experiences can inspire you as you plan your new year’s regime.

Go To The Gym

Back in the day, I would go to the gym when I felt like it. So if something more pressing arose or I was too tired, I could “go tomorrow.” That’s not productive. For example, when suddenly, out of the blue, I became a caregiver, that mindset of “I’m too tired, I’ll go tomorrow” meant I didn’t go at all – because I was ALWAYS tired. I had to re-think, and I concluded that if I didn’t look after myself, I wouldn’t be able to look after anyone else. I’m happy to say that now I have a schedule in place, and for the most part, I get up and go when I plan to go.

Read More

For my personal reading, my priority has been to read the Bible daily (or as close to it as possible). Also, reading (or, in my case, listening) to books on mindset, time management, and good business practices is essential to keep me focused on my goals and has helped me to focus on “my WHY.” I’ve listened to one book during each of the last three months. I plan to increase that to two during the new year.

Focus on building Relationships

I want to earn more money. Who doesn’t? However, since starting my business, I’ve quickly realized that being solely “sales-oriented” and not relationship-driven has not always brought me the desired results. Whatever service you offer, the ultimate goal is to invest in building strong, long-term business relationships. I’ve come to appreciate that building authentic relationships in business requires reaching out to others and listening.

I recently read a Forbes article that made an interesting statement. It said, “when leaders take the time to listen, they gain valuable insights into a client’s pain points. They will better understand what they need and then can uniquely position themselves to help them”. I’m learning every day that I should strive to become a trusted resource to others, endeavoring to offer meaningful insights, suggestions, and services that can give real value to them rather than simply trying to get the sale. This is my goal from now on and into the new year.

“Most people will passively do exactly what they did last year. Whatever you do, don’t let that person be you.” – Richie Norton

Sleep More

Like many, sleep has been elusive to me for as long as I can remember. I’ve prided myself on functioning on just 4-6 hours of sleep a night. But the reality is I have been doing myself a disservice. Getting enough sleep is key to optimal brain function and general happiness. Interestingly, Sleep Doctor Matthew Walker made some hard-hitting comments on the matter. In his book “Why We Sleep,” he describes a ‘Catastrophic’ lack of sleep that is killing our modern society. He’s not alone in this analysis. Other scientists agree that sleep deprivation has a massive impact on many people, taking a toll on every aspect of our biology. Furthermore, a lack of sleep is linked to many severe conditions, such as obesity, heart conditions, diabetes, cancer, and poor mental health. 

So, with these revelations clearly in mind, my goal was to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night. With the ups and downs of life, it hasn’t always been easy to maintain a steady routine, but I see the benefits already, and I highly recommend that you do the same (that’s if you’re not already on the sleep bandwagon, of course.)

New Year, New You

These are just a few of the objectives I’ve set over the past year or so. I’ve tried to keep things simple and attainable. As I reflect on the past year and plan the new, I’m happy that I’ve implemented these changes, and I’m looking forward to adding further goals to my list.

What about you? Feel free to share your new year goals in the comments section below.